Grade 5

Glace Bay
Nova Scotia

Meaning Of Home

Roses are red, Violets are blue. We have a home and so should you. The meaning of home is warmth and love. Your family should live with you and give you a home. Your family should help you make memories. Where you live, watch the stars, fall asleep. Now that your awake I can tell you that we will be donating $25,000 to habitat for humanity. Every time we give an essay or a poem. Habitat for humanity will donate $10 to you guys. Here is a memory I would like to share. Every time we have a party we all gather in the living room. All the adults upstairs. The kids downstairs and have fun. If I didn’t have a home I would try to find one. I would try to find my family so I could live with them. Here is another thing. Once I was basically homeless. I was living at my nans for 6 months. Then I finally got a home. I love it!