Grade 5


Meaning of Home

When I’m cuddled in a blanket reading a book after supper I know I’m home. When my whole family is playing a huge game of “Sorry” I know I’m home. To me home is family, warmth and freedom.

Home is family. Without family life would be hard. In my house there are lots of board games. The board games make laughter fill the house. We play games like Risk and Battleship. My family are not really huggers but when we do it lifts me up a lot. My family always lifts me up when I’m down. When I get embarrassed by doing something dumb they make me feel better. I always feel better with them. With family I will always be home.

Home is warmth. In my house we have lots of cozy blankets that we like to snuggle in. After supper each night I cuddle in a blanket with a book. I love to turn our fireplace on and snuggle around it. After coming inside I go to the fireplace. On Friday my siblings and I all watch a movie while eating popcorn. There is always popcorn. With warmth I will always be happy in my home.

Home is freedom. Home is dancing to music like Crab Rave or Heroes in the kitchen. My brother always does the worm when we are listening to music. In my home I have the freedom to dance. Home is when I’m reading books like “Story Thieves”. My sister and I ALWAYS read books. Safety is also part of freedom. I am free to be myself because I know I’m safe. With freedom, I feel home.

I do realize that a home is not the same as a house. Habitat for Humanity builds houses so that people can have a home.