Grade 5

Gardiner Miones
Nova Scotia

Meaning Of Home

The meaning of home to me is to spend time with my family and having a family and a loving family that i am grateful for.The meaning of home is to be respectful to my family and care for them to help them if they need help.I think that I treat my family with love and respect.I am grateful for everything I have like my cat,dog,hamster,bunny I am lucky to have them and the space they have inside and outside and the love I get from them.I love my little sister Harper she is super funny. I love my cousin Cohen so much he is like a brother to me.I love my aunts and uncles they are super.I love my Mom my grandmother and my grandfather i love them so so so so much.
If i didn’t have a home,If i didn’t have a home i would be lost without my my family being cold and hungry. My animals would die because they wouldn’t have food or clean water.We wouldn’t be safe or healthy.