Grade 5


Meaning of Home

What home means to me.

Home has always been a feeling. A good feeling. A feeling of love,support and safety.

When I see my neighbors play together it makes me feel like I am not alone. I hear my family whispering to me. I feel loved and joyful. They whisper it’s going to be alright. You’re not alone in this. In my dreams my family is always giving me hugs. It makes me feel comforted. When my family comes together it seems as though we are a heart. Calm, happy to have each other’s backs. When I am at home I am loved.

I know my family will always be with me. I am so glad I have safety; it’s a roof over my head, with my family all around me. When it is raining, thundering and lightning I feel cozy watching a movie while looking outside seeing the flashes of lightning being so glad I have a roof over my head. With safety I also feel love because without my family I would neither feel loved or have safety. Safety will always be a big part of home.

Home is always full of support. Support is when my mom, dad and sister come to all the sports and activities that I do. Support is also when it is raining my mom and dad keep me under their coats. When it is cold they hold me tight. They always have the things I need. Support is the one thing I will always carry.

Home is all of these things. Home is love support and safety. So go help Habitat for Humanity to build homes for people who actually need them. Home has never been a structure. It’s always been a feeling. And I hope it is for you too.