Grade 6

Kelowna BC
British Columbia

Meaning of Home

Home is a place families can be together.
In the winter you don’t have to be in the cold weather.
It’s a place where we make our food, and after we eat we’re in a good mood.
Home is a place I like to be. Relaxing while I watch tv.
Home brings joy on a holiday, there’s no need to stress about pay day.
It’s a place to look after your animals, and if you have a pool invite some friends over to do some cannon balls.
Love fills all of the rooms, just like I love doing rainbow looms.
Home is a place where I have a warm place to sleep every night so that I won’t get frostbite, and during the day when there’s daylight I won’t need a flashlight.
Home is a place where you won’t have bad dreams, but you can still play on NHL teams.

It’s a place where we should all be kind to everyone, it’s a place full of fun and you’ll be the loved one.