Grade 6

Newfoundland and Labrador

meaning of home!

meaning of home………

A home is not just a house, a house is not just a home! A home is where you spread joy and happiness, a house is where you spread sadness, and fear! Sometimes you feel insecure, and gilt, but sometimes you feel excited, and amazing, you hungry? There’s a fridge, you smell because you just had gym? There’s a shower for that! You are tired? There’s a bed for you to lie in, and sleep! That’s all in a home! In your safe place…..

What i feel in a home …. Every time i walk into my home i feel loved, because i have a warm place to go, and a heart full of people, my home is my safe place i can tell all my fears and scars, and most of all my secrets, and they won’t judge me, i can have my crazy side without getting called names i could dress like a freaking monkey if i wanted too, but actually what a home… is to be myself! My sad side,crazy side,scared side,happy side, all in one, big or small don’t matter by size it still does the decided of a home, if you don’t feel safe or happy in your home, you tell someone, find someone that u look up too, be there shadow,make their home your safe place!

I am happy that….. I have a roof over my head, and that i have someone that i can go to for help! I’m happy that i have a food and clothes and that i have warm stuff for school or stuff to play with, some kids don’t even have a home or a family to tell stuff to! I’m happy that when i’m sick i get stuff to treat it, and make me feel better and to also have a bed to sleep on when i’m ether upset mad or happy or just need some time alone

friends … are a important thing in my family the help me though problems and i can tell them anything friends are just like family like if u let thing go, it feels like u have a broken heart inside your heart, sometimes if there is a person outside that looks cold let them in with your parents permission! Because they might be really bad,