Grade 5


meaning of home


Some people think a house is a home ,
with walls, a roof ,and a garden to roam,
but to me it’s way more than this,
take a listen and you will see,
what the word “home” means to me.

It’s the sound of laughter, joy and chatter that’s shared at dinner time,
Sometimes its the funny sound of my sister’s songs that barely even rhyme,

It’s the sound of the key turning to let me know that dads back from a long day,
That makes me feel happy and glad that he’s here to stay,

Home is waking up to the yummy smell of morning porridge from upstairs,
It’s sometimes the smell of mums mango shampoo that still lingers in her hair

It’s the special mix of spices that tells us what’s for dinner,
A roast chicken dinner would be a winner

It’s the smell of cookies and cakes
and all of dads fresh bakes.

Home is the sight of photos that remind us of times gone past
A reminder of fun that happened so fast,

It’s the sight of your mum or dad waiting to greet you at the end of school
And the smile on their face when I do something cool or sometimes even act like a fool

Home is that hug that makes us feel safe and sound,
The touch that reassures me that if I feel lost, I’ll always be found.

It’s the arm over the shoulder that my family gives
That makes me feel thankful for my relatives

So you see, it’s not just the bricks and roof that makes a home, is so much more.
It’s what we sense, what we see, what we feel,
A home is where we can be what we want to be,
a place to feel safe, at peace and happy.