Grade 4


Meaning of Home

When I think of home, I think of the safe place. It is a safe place because I have a dog named Coco and my parents are there to protect me and I am out of the cold.
My dog is named Coco and he is a black lab, he is black, he’s fat too and he is always home to greet me. Toys are there when I want to play with them. Home is where I can do anything I want and toys help me do stuff. They help me build forts and they help me do stuff like that. I have food, but some people who don’t have food and I can eat food whenever I want, but only at lunch and breakfast.
Home is a safe place where I feel loved . I have people to talk to and there’s people who love me. I feel safe because my parents were there for me.I am lucky that I have stuff, unlike other people they might not have stuff.