Grade 4


Meaning of home

Home is where the heart is. Many people know what home is where the heart is means. It means that home is your happy place and your with your family I think everyone should have a home because everyone should have a place to feel happy with their family.I love watching movies at home with my mom or dad and my brother I also like taking my dogs for long walks and playing with them with my mom or dad and my brother.At home I always eat breakfast and dinner with my family . My grandma always takes care of me and makes sure that i’m OK and my family always makes each other laugh. My parents,brother,dogs,and grandma are my favorite people in the WORLD!

At home I always feel comfortable, I always feel comfort when I am sitting at the couch near the fireplace and I am playing board games with my family.I also feel comfortable when I am in my parents bed watching TV and when I am in my bed and I am reading. My bed is one of my favorite places at my house.I also love sitting with my dog on the sofa.
But another time I feel the most comfortable is when I am playing soccer in my backyard with my brother while my dad is making my favorite BBQ! I ALWAYS feel comfortable at home

I always feel loved at my house, my dog my brother and my grandma but especially my parents love me.I feel loved because my parents always buy stuff for me and they buy me food me and they buy clothes ,toys and Christmas presents.

Home is a place I always feel loved that´s why home is my favorite place in the whole entire world.