Grade 4


Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home
You all know the saying ´´Home is where the heart is ´. Honestly my favorite place to be is my home, and everyone should have it.

My beautiful golden haired dog Hank makes me feel safe and loved. My calico cat Bella makes me thrilled and joyful. Thursday my scaly cold corn snake calms me down and he is silly.

My mom and dad are both equally amazing. Dawn my mom makes me feel proud. My dad makes me laugh and he works hard to build a house for my family. They both make me feel loved and accepted.

Alysha my sister is kind and very beautiful. She makes me laugh and she likes me being her little sister, and I like being her little sister.

Pretty much my whole family is the best (to me). I want to know what home means to you?

You should be happy with the home you have. Some people don’t have one.