Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Home has never been just a place, but it has always been where I can find family, love, and warmth.

Home is family. My sister Eloise is smart, odd, and a perfectionist. Home is giggling together. My mom is supporting, generous, and nice. Home is creating baked goods with her. My dad is funny, kind, and awesome. Home is playing video games with him. Family is one way I know I’m home.

Home is love. When I’m sad, my sister comes and comforts me and tries to make me laugh. As I laugh, I feel very loved. When Eloise and I get home from school, my mom always greets us with suffocating hugs, and it makes me feel appreciated. I know I’m home when I feel surrounded by affection.

Home is warmth. I feel warmth when I’m curled up in warm and fluffy blanket, reading a book and drinking steaming hot chocolate. I feel warmth when I come in from playing in the snow and sit in front of the fireplace and I can feel myself thawing. Even when I close my eyes and feel warmth, I know I’m home.

I believe everyone deserves a home. But for me, my home needs to have family, love, and warmth. Habitat for Humanity will help you build a house with warmth but you create the family and love.