Grade 4


Meaning of Home

Meaning of home Everybody has heard the saying Home is where the heart is.I think everybody should have a home a home is not gust walls and a roof, it is a place where you can relax and not be scared.

My family make my home better. When I am down in the dumps my family cheers me up. Every day when I come home I would play with my dogs and they would make my day. If I need my space my family will respect my me. That’s why my family makes my home better

My room always makes my home better.
My room is a place where I can recharge, It is a safe haven.
If I am bored I can Build lego and be joyful again.
My room is a another one of my favourite places of home.

My friends always make my home better
When I have nothing to do, I can sometimes bring a friend over
My friends makes my day go through fast.
Also my home is always a place to play.
My friends make my home not just walls and roof

Home is a place where you can restart and shut down.
Home is a safe haven.
The best memories come from your home.
If everybody had a home, the world would be a better place.