Grade 4


Meaning of Home

M -memories can be made from things in the past.
E -entertainment is made from games,toys,family,or electricity.
A -a place where love is created from relatives.
N -nice place to sleep,eat,drink,and feel secure and unharmed.
I -inside,you are free to feel emotion whenever you want.
N -neat and tidy is how I like my belongings.
G -great siblings are there waiting to play with you.

O -open the door,and you might see company like friends.
F -for me my home is exciting when nobody is feeling down.

H -happiness and joy fill my body when I step in the door.
O -only when I am at home,I feel warm,safe,and comfortable.
M -my family makes me feel protected at home.
E -enjoyment fills the room when we have family time