Grade 4


Meaning of Home

You have parents that comfort you when you have a sad day and if out of luck they can lift your spirits up. Even in the times that you are really really sad and you are out of luck too they can comfort you. Jesus and God protect you from evil. Evil will try to make you sin and lose people’s trust and steal. But Jesus will make you not sin and lose people’s trust and steal he will give you strength to tell the truth. Satan is like the dark cloud and is trying to pull you to sin but God is like the wind and blows Satan away and your sins are gone. You have a home that you can live in and I am thankful for are house that we have.

We have a roof over our heads to protect us from rain and not to flood our house. I feel bad for the poor people who have to eat nothing and starve to death and don’t have a home to live in. I would give them money and food and water and lift their spirits, and build them a home to live in. That’s what I would do. And let them live with us for ever and ever and make them feel loved.

A home to me is a place that we live in and pray and worship the Lord. A home to me is a place where I can sleep and feel safe in are home. A home means to me is that when I come home from a stressful day our home is peaceful and quiet. I think sports is pulling me down in the basement and play floor hockey and have fun

It is a home that is calm and is very quiet peaceful. A place were we tell jokes and laugh. A place where we sleep in and have fun all day long. A place that I feel loved by my mom and dad and my brother. A place that I don’t have to be worry about because I know that God and Jesus are protecting our house from danger. I will gladly give money to the worker’s so they can build the 9 houses for the poor.