Grade 6


Meaning Of Home

This is how I feel about my home. When I walk inside my home it smells like fresh delicious food and brand new carpet. I actually have two homes. One at my Dad’s home and one at my Mom’s home. That means two times the love. We share lots of love in my homes. In my Dad’s home I have a big puppy named Bruno. Bruno is the nicest dog you will ever meet. In my homes we celebrate holidays and birthdays. On holidays my family comes over and my cousins play with me and my brother, while the adults are visiting. Almost every day there is a lot of laughter that’s how we create great memories. When I walk through my house I feel warm and cozy, it feels good. All of our belongings are at home such as furniture, toys, pictures on the wall and my hover board. When we snuggle it feels right because we snuggle at home. I’m blessed to have a home.
The End