Grade 5


Meaning Of Home

A home is a place where you can sit and read in your comfy chair or watch TV or just do you. A home is a place that’s nice and warm also it’s super cozy. There is also a bed with pillows and blankets to help you fall asleep.
A home is different for everybody from a cabin to a luxury hotel to a cottage so no matter where you are you always have some type of home even if you live in the woods with no shelter the woods will be your home. So homes are all around you even if it’s an animals home. Homes are amazing they are places where you can play, work or sit around. Homes are truly the best place especially when you have the people you love in it.
Homes are anything like a log, bugs could live in the log, a tree can be a home for many things like a bird or a snake so just remember you are always around homes. Giving a home is the best gift to give thank you habitat for humanity for giving the best gift, some people do need a home so I hope habitat for humanity will stay a place in the world.