Grade 5


Meaning Of Home

Home is
Where bad people fade away
And new friends are welcome any day
Where we love each other
Where we help each other
And where we believe.
Home is comfort
Where we are secure from cold from rain and from all of our fears
Home is where I live
Where I was born
And where I am loved.
Where everyone is happy
And loved
wherever we are , we never give up we always help,
we always smile
And we always hug
My home is all I need
To me, home is where all dreams come true,
Home is where we believe
Where we show our feelings
Where we hope and hope and hope.
We always smile
We hug
We love
We live in music.
I will never leave this place called “HOME”
When I imagine kids who do not have a home
I thank god for giving me a home.
And i hope everyone no matter who , will have home.