Grade 4


Meaning Of Home

The meaning of home

Home is…

Home is as bright as a sun.

Home is more precious then 9 million gold.

Home is where you get to have fun.

Home is a peaceful place.

It is a place where dreams are made.

A place where you can get pushed up when you fall down.

A place that greets you if you have had a terrible day.

It stays with you your entire life.

Home is where people grow up.

Home is a place where everyone belongs, black and white.

It is where memories are made, a place where the people there affect your life.

A place where you have freedom.

Home is a place where you can play games with others.

Home is a place that no other place can compare to.

It gives you hope when you think there is only failure and sadness.

Home is a place where you will be found.

It is a place where you belong.