Grade 5


Meaning of home🏠

The Meaning of Home🏡

A home is different than a house. A house has so many rooms walls, and roofs. A home is different than that! A home makes good things! A home means….
– LOVE❤. families together hearts together. Entering when it’s warm and cool. We mean peace, kindness, and joy like love. People(family) cares for each other with love and care. We might get tears of love (when someone is away for a really long time, you never ever get to talk to them or see them. Then they came back and you have your tears of love.)❤
-PROTECTION⛈. A home protects me from storms, wild animals and other dangerous things outside. My home has protection and safety. Big storms like hard rain,snow storms, and hot sun weathers, my home can take care of that! Wild animals are from the woods,some of them. I live near the woods. Lucky me because my home has the protection for that!🐍
-TRUST.👍🏿 Me and my family trust our home for many things. We both save money, food, and water.My home trust me and my family, too! Me, my family and my home trust each other, together!😃
– Memories.🕓 For my home, I have lots of memories. I had a pet fish from last year, and it’s still alive today! It’s a kid now. When I paint, it’s fun, cool, and sweet. I play with my brother a lot. My mom and dad were fighting with the basement people. The basement people were mean. They threw glass at my mom and dad. The police are searching for them!!
– Learning✔. I learned how to be clean, pray, and do my chores. My mom helps me and my home helps me, too! I practice my test at home and I learned in summer before september (school). Learning to me is a helpful way and I will say thanks to my home!🏡😜
The end💖