Grade 4


Meaning of Home

Home is love.
Home is calm
Home is a place to play with siblings.
Home is a safe place home is a comfortable place.
Home is where I like to be all the time, because you feel loved, and cared for. I love home because I feel safe, calm, loved, and where you can play. I think everyone should love home because home is where you can sleep safety. I like to come home and see my mom and dad. When you are at home I think you feel safe with your mom or dad. At home you have help with your feelings. Home supports you with your homework. My mom helps me with my activities by taking me to dance, swimming and guides. My safe place at home is me and my sisters bathroom because I can lock the door and hide. When I am at home I have good dreams and when I have bad dreams I go into mom and dad’s room and snuggle up with dad. I also talk to dad about my bad dream then he takes me back to my room and tells me that I am safe at home. At home I learn to take responsibility for my dog. I love home.
By, Taylor Woolf