Grade 4


Meaning of Home

I love my home.
I’m very grateful for my home.
Home is my time and place to spend time with my loving family.
Having a good time to enjoy myself.
It’s having a smile on your face when you walk into your beautiful home.
It’s to grow your family, your love and you.
It helps you to be successful.
It’s there to support you, and take care of you when your sick or blue.
It gives you comfort at night so you can dream, sometimes it’s nightmares and sometimes it’s the most beautiful thing in the world but anyways it will help you get through anything.
It will help you be what you want to be.
It will give you second chances.
It’s where you get mad and your family forgives you.
It will make you want to be a better person than who you are now.
To spend time with my precious pets.
That is why I love my home.
That is what home means to me.
By: Carly