Grade 4


Meaning of Home

My favourite place is at my home.Why my home is my favourite place because you can cook meals. We can cook meals with the oven because the oven cooks your foods.When I am at home, I feel loved. My family always love me. I also have my own space. If I did not have my own space, I would get distracted and I would really hate that. I can have my own space because I got many presents. I also have my own bedroom. Home makes me feel cozy to me.It makes me feel cozy when I am at home. I feel cozy because I went outside for many hours. If you did not have any rules at home, it would not be safe.Rules always make me feel comfortable and safe. We also have electricity and wifi at our home. If we did not have any electricity, we will not ever turn on our light bulb. I feel happy when I am at home. I feel happy because I feel free and I get to do whatever I want. Also, you get more hiding places. It’s only if you are playing hide and seek or when someone tries to find me. We can also organize our home. We feel relaxed when you organize your house. If you organized your house you would like the design in your house. You can do more stuff like having a party without anyone noticing. That is the meaning of home to me.