Grade 6


Meaning of Home

Home is where the people you love are. You should feel warm and welcome in your home. In my home I feel safe, I don’t feel like I must hide anything from anybody.
The difference between home and house. A house is four walls and a roof. It has no meaning. You could be in someone else’s home but, it would be considered a house to you. A home is a certain place, you will always know where it is, and you will never forget it. A home doesn’t necessarily have to be a place you live it can be a place in nature, maybe it is where you train for sports, it could be a family member’s home. Just somewhere you feel safe and welcome is considered a home to me.
My family just recently got a dog. We’ve had him around for around nine months and I just can’t imagine my life without him. We have all heard the saying “home is where the heart is”, but I think of it more like “home where the dog is”. Before we had a dog, our house felt a little dull, now that we have a dog our home feels bright and lively.
Home isn’t just a place you go after a long day of work or school, it’s much more. I feel secure, I feel safe, I feel happy in my home. Everyone deserves a home.