Grade 5


Meaning of Home

For me home is not just a building on a street, it’s not just some big box. Home to me gives you life. Home is coziness, family and warmth.

The coziness I feel at home is with my family. My favorite blanket is pushing us to cuddle up and the fireplace hugs me to sleep. When I have my coziness it is a loving family. When I am cozy, I will always be home.

My family is what makes me feel like home. When I walk through the door there is love all around me, my dog jumps like crazy, and my family hugs me so tightly. My brother and I share the bad moments and the good moments. My mom loves telling jokes and reading. My dad loves playing soccer and hanging with me and my brother. My dog Murray loves playing and sleeping. We hang at the tv watching a movie with chips and dip. With memories and family, I am home.

The warmth I feel at home is loving my heart to its centre. I have memories when there is warmth. With the cozy memories I love being home. With coziness I am home.

I know home means all of these things to me, but there are also people without homes out there. Habitat for Humanity is trying their best to help people afford a home so that all people can feel what it’s like to be home.