Grade 5


meaning of home

There are many important things in a home. Today I will tell you about the emotions in a home and how a house protects you.

First, a home is where people are happy because they are going to a party or they are playing and having fun. A home is also where people are sad because a loved one passed or there favorite hockey team lost. A home is also where people are angry because they lost their wallet or they flight got cancelled on a plane however in the end everyone is happy.

Second, A home is a shelter with a roof a roof protects you from precipitation, precipitation is stuff that falls from the sky for example: rain, snow and hail A house also protects you from the cold with heating.

In conclusion, now you know the emotions in a home and what a home protects you from. I only listed two reasons about a home and I want to think about what a home means to you.