Grade 5

Portage la PrairieMB

Meaning of home

My home means everything to me and my family. I feel safe in my home. Home is where I learned and where I grew.
I feel wanted as I’m being welcomed by my dogs. I feel happy as soon as I walk into the door and am warmed by the air in it. Sometimes I never want to leave because I want to be home. I play games when I’m in my room. I do spend most of my time in my room on my hoverboard. When I’m not home, I´m not as happy because I’m not at home.
People are losing homes everyday because of natural disasters and human error, wars and much more. For these reason too many animals also lose homes everyday. We all live in this world and we have to take good care of it, of our homes, our families and friends. I’m thankful for my home!