Grade 6


Meaning of Home

For me, home has never been a building. It’s about togetherness, memories and family.

Home is a place where family is always together and happy. Where my family is, it’s home, and being loved makes it a lot better. Something I love about home is knowing that someone has my back, and they know I have thiers. Surrounded by those that I love makes me feel happy, supported, comforted, and warm inside. When I’m at home I feel full of love.

Home is the little things we do together that I will remember forever. It’s the nights we’re laughing for no reason. It’s being warm and cozy snuggled up on Christmas mornings drinking hot chocolate underneath the warm blankets. It’s playing around laughing, giggling, making cookies, and decorating every inch of the Christmas tree. It’s making homemade food that makes our taste buds smile. I’m lucky to have the people I made these memories with, right by my side.

The people that remind me of home most is my family. Waking up, going down stairs to a friendly “good morning” or “hello”. Or just being comforted when I’m sad. I feel safe when i’m at home. My meaning of home is when my family makes me feel home.

I think Habitat for Humanity is doing an amazing thing, building affordable homes. They are allowing people to create their own meaning of home.