Grade 4

British Columbia

Meaning of Home

My home is where I feel safe. My home is where I know that I’m loved by my family. Lots of people don’t have a home but I do. My home is not a home without a family. My home has a roof so I don’t get wet. Home is not just a home, it’s a family home and I know that everyone should have one like I do. Homes have memories that you can go back to. Whoever is reading this, love your home just the way it is. My home has so many things I like about it. It has a garden, and a shed and that shed has so many things that give back. Home is where you get suckd into bed. You can spend time together in a home. Home is love that you have never seen before in your life. Home is a place of caring and love. I have two nice homes that are way different because one of my homes is a little big and one is small. I love them both equally and I love them the way they are. You should love yours too, just like I do. At my home I can cry because I know there is always my family to have by my side.