Grade 6

Richmond HIll

Meaning of Home

Meaning of home

Home is the best place to be. To me it means everything to have a home. I pray that those who don’t have a home eventually find one. To me home means safety, loved ones, and all of my favourite belongings. I have food, water and a shelter to live in. I feel there should be no one living on the streets in the bitterly cold winters of Canada. Nobody should suffer the pain of not having a home.

To me, my home is the safest place to be. I have my family to protect me if anything ever happens. At my home, I always feel comfortable and safe. My home provides me with warmth in the extremely cold winters so I don’t get hypothermia and eventually die. My home provides me with food and water so I can live. Me and my family are very fortunate to have enough money to afford a house and all our basic needs in life. Some people don’t even have enough money for any of that.

At my home, I have my amazing family living with me. I have my mom, dad and younger brother. If I didn’t have a family I wouldn’t have survived. My family has given me food, water to live and they have taken care of me when I’m not feeling well. They have kept me healthy, and they let me do the things that I love to do.

A home is the best place to be. There is no better place than a home. A home provides comfort and safety. Home is the best place in the entire world. Everyone should have a home.