Grade 6


Meaning of Home

A house has four walls and a roof, it has rooms and doors. But in a house there is family and people to love, share and make memories with. My home is simply a place that I could not live without.
After a long day I love to come home and quickly enter my cozy room. There I will sometimes do yoga, I tried to teach my dad once. “Down ward dog” I said “no way” he said. Yoga is silent almost every time except for this time, his yelps and shrieks made me laugh and that made him laugh too. Are we done yet? My dad kept asking me. When I finally said yes, he was so excited that he said “Oh thank goodness Namaste” and left my room.
March 5th is a great day for me. “Happy birthday” said my family. By the time I finally got out of bed for breakfast, my birthday waffle was waiting for me. It smelled so good a fluffy waffle. Then I went to school. My mom took me to the city to get a betta fish! Then I open my presents and I got a fish tank! I named him Leo, Leo passed away but I will always remember the day I got him and how Fortinet I was.
When I got home from school, my grandparents and Abbey where waiting for me. They brought donuts! Bauer found the open box on the table. He decided to be bad and try to take one. I quickly turned around and saw Bauer reaching for the box. I saved the box! He did end up getting a little from my Boba and grandpa.
These are just some of the many memories and love I have shared. I couldn’t imagine life without my home.