Grade 6

Richmond Hill

Meaning of Home

Meaning of home

Home is not just where you live every day like your house. Home is not at your school, and if you think school is home, then that’s when you are wrong. School might have your friends and nice teachers but there are also mean and nasty bullies. So school is for sure not your home. Home is not where you live, and is not where you learn. Home is where you belong.

Some people do not even have a place called home, people live in poverty. They do not even have a roof on top of their heads. We are incredibly lucky to have a place called home, Canada.

Canada is a free country and is a multicultural country. You do not just get free education, you also get free health care.

So there is really not definable, home is different to everybody, home could be where you live, where you enjoy the most, and most importantly where you think you belong. That is the true meaning of home