Grade 4

Shea Heights
Newfoundland and Labrador

Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home
I am lucky to have a home. I’m Thankful for my home. If I didn’t have a home I would be sad all the time. I’m thankful for all the stuff I have in my home. in my home I have an oven, a fridge, deep freeze, table and counter. We also have a pantry where we keep all of our food. I have lots of fun time watching TV and playing games.
I am very lucky that my home includes my family. I have A brother named Tucker And a sister named Sadie. On Sunday my family has movie night. My mom and dad get the snacks And drinks for us. We all sit together on the sofa and watch a movie together. Having a family make my home very special.
My favorite part of my home is that I have my own bedroom. In my room I have a bed and toys to play with. My room has soundproof walls and doors. this makes it a quiet space for me to be. sometimes in my house my brother and sister can be loud and noisy it’s like chaos but in my room it’s quiet.
Not everyone has a home But I do and I am thankful for that. If I could add just one more thing to my home I would wish that I could have a swimming pool full of Candy.