Grade 5


Meaning of Home

For me when I think of home part of it is a building but the main parts of home that I think of is family, support and memories. Even though home is way more than just that, it is what makes home special for me.

Home is a place where I feel loved by Mom, Dad and my aunt. At home when Mom and Dad are at work my aunt takes care of me by making me food. When I’m at home with mom she is always supporting me with love. At home when I play video games with Dad I get mad but Dad helps me calm down. When I’m at home I know my family is there for me.

Home is support from friends and family. Home is when I fail but my family is there to support me to keep trying. For me home is when I lose a game and my friends are there to help me feel better. Home is like a hockey game and my mom yells as I try to score a goal. I will know I’m home with my family supporting me.

Home is memories. When I’m at home I remember all the good times I had with my family like when I kept winning in mini hockey against my Dad and when me Dad and Mom would all play video games together. With these memories in my head I will always remember home.

When it comes to a house it is indeed a building but what makes home special is the family members, the memories and the support of friends and family.