Grade 6


Meaning Of Home

Meaning of home
Whenever I think of the word home I think or at least the words that pop up in my brain are lovable community. I think of the words lovable community because lovable community I refer to as my mom,dad,brother,sister etc……… I also refer my lovable community (home) as my comfortable place. I don’t only refer to my family as my lovable community because they help me with homework or because they buy me stuff I refer to them as my lovable community because they are always there for me when I need something or someone the most. When I need someone to talk to they are there for me and when I can be open and honest about my opinions and I can trust to tell someone is at home to my family. My home is somewhere where I can be myself and express self without being judged but obviously I have rules and expectations that are put on me and that I am expected to follow and obey. My home is a blessing to me and I am very thankful for it. To have a roof over my head, a bed to sleep on, my family, food and water is good enough, but for me to have the access to internet, electronics,education etc……. Is more than enough for me. Home is my own little world and it makes me happy to be there. There are obviously ups and downs to being at home. My friends are not there at home with me all the time at least. I am saying at least because sometimes my friends come over to my house but I love being with my friends but at home I get to be with my family which is a really good thing. When I am home I am not with my favourite teachers. Therefore you can see that home has ups and down but home will always me feel the happiest! Overall home is my happy place and I will not give my home up for anything. I am blessed to have my home and I am oh so grateful for my home. That’s what home means to me! I think that everyone deserves a home and everyone should have a place to feel happy,comfortable,loved and blessed and I believe the only place to feel that way is at home! Everyone deserves one when I grow up I want to help out with making sure everyone has a place to call home. Besides all of that this is what home means!