Grade 5

Nova Scotia

Meaning of Home

Today you all will be hearing about my home to home life experience.

It can be bad but also good. I love home but sadly I have two. Don’t forget capitals at the beginning of esmy dad’s house was a little sad then it got worse and worse and WORSE . That’s somewhat normal to say because I rarely get to see him which makes me sad. He lives too far away now. I don’t know where he will live. He left his old house so I don’t know where he will go now. he did live in dartmouth but I hope he moves back to windsor he’s had three house’s so far sense he moved out of my house five years ago. Capitalwhich i’m very sad about. it makes me angry. I get a lot of anxiety when i think about it. He said he would stay there till I go to middle school and he did not. I feel mad,stressed and sad.He can make me mad
but so can other people.

Let’s talk about my mother.

My mom is a loving, caring,sweet,and helping easy going mom. She is an awesome kind mom to have. I love her and she helps me when I need it. She will I think in my opinion I got one of the nicest moms in the world. How about you? She will help anybody if she sees the ones that cannot afford a house. She will give them five bucks. She can be helpful and she can not be helpful but mostly she is. I love her so much. Do you love your mom?

Things i like about my mom
1.she helps me
2.she loves me
3.she lets me go places without having to call every 2 seconds
Things i like about my dad
1. He loves me
2. He loves me
3. He loves me
4. He loves me

Ok so I love them both. My dad is a bit more strikt and will go through my phone when I’m not there in the room he’s in. It makes me feel upset. I don’t think he’s trying to make me feel that way BUT. he will make me want my mom. He also gave up his house that he said he would keep until I go into grade 7 and I’m not even grade 5 yet. That made me Quite mad but other than that I’m fine.

now doing consoling in school to help me express my feelings to someone that I can trust and the words that come out of my mouth are between me and her. Her name is Mrs. hartlyn she is an amazing person to talk to about your feelings. anything u tell her she will not tell anyone unless you want her to she is a nice consoler to have. I enjoy talking to her about my feelings. Sometimes I get angry so I will just go to my room and take time out and think how to calm myself down. Think of how I can help the situation. I sometimes stay in there for a minute, sometimes an hour, sometimes a whole night depending on how long it takes to chill but other than that I’m enjoying my life happily.