Grade 4

Nova Scotia

Meaning of Home

What is home
Home is warm. It gives you a nice feeling inside. I love my home you should too. If you don’t have a home you should not be sad. Sometimes home is a place and sometimes it is a feeling. Home is a feeling from time to time. Home is a privilege and sometimes it’s not.

If you are not privileged that’s ok thats why I am going to help people in need of houses I want to help those kids and parents have homes I am here to help those families that are in need when i’m older I want to be a interior designer and decorate houses maybe it will be your new house.

I love my house. It is great and a lot of people’s houses are great too. I am happy that 80% of the people in the world have homes and about 10 or 30% of people in Canada do not have homes and that is a good thing that you are running this contest it is a great way for people that do not have homes to get to have a home and to live a happier life than the one y were living before.

Home is a shelter home is a building home is healthy. My house is healthy. Me and my family make memories once you get that house that you’ve wanted. That day will soon come. Homes are safe if your home is healthy . I want to make sure that everyone that wants a home will get that someday soon.My home is fun and my home is safe. Lots of homes are safe. If you have a home, make some memories.