Grade 6


Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home
A house has four walls, doors and windows. A home is place that you grow up, make mistakes and make memories. My family has a home that we love. I have many memories that I have made around my home with my family. We make wonderful memories every day.
As a family we have are crazy days! There is a pond in our yard and one day in the Fall, my Uncle came over with my cousins! We were going to go fishing. So we got are multicoloured rods and went to the pond. I was sitting under a bulky Oak tree it had leafs that were starting to fall down like the fluffy snow falling down in the winter. Then I heard my little brother quickly yelling “I got one, I got one, and I got one.” He started to reel it up but, he had lost his balance and fell loudly into the chilly water. SPLASH! That was are day fishing and it was one of my most hacked days.
In our glamorous kitchen every year we make salsa and pickles! We had just finished make the salsa so, next was the pickles. We were half way through and the kitchen reeked of garlic. There was a cucumber in my hand. I put it in the jar and my hand got stuck. I had to smash the jar to get my hand out. BANG! The jar smashed. That was our day making salsa and pickles. That is what home means to me.