Grade 5

Nova Scotia

Meaning of Home

I wake up in the morning in my cozy bed. I go to the warm bathroom,take a shower and get ready for school. I go upstairs to the kitchen and see a plate full of bread and a cup full of hot chocolate waiting for me. I go back downstairs to brush my teeth and to do my hair. I go back upstairs, get my backpack and get into the car my mom owns. My dad drives me and my two little sisters up to the bus stop. So we get out of the car and we wait. In about a minute or two the bus gets there and I wave goodbye to my dad.

Home is a very important place for me. A home to me is a place where I can be comfortable and relaxed in. I don’t have to worry about me getting wet in the rain because there is a roof over my head. I don’t have to worry about me getting cold either because my mom and dad put hot air all around the house.

Who do I live with? I live with my mom, dad, and my two sisters Gabriela and Julieta. My mom is the one who works everyday to keep us inside the house. If my mom didn’t work, then we would be living on the streets with no food or money. My dad also has a job at home. His job is to take care of us every day, feed us every day, play with us almost every day, and (etc). My sisters play every day and don’t really have to do anything. All my sisters have to take care of is tidying the playroom, keeping their room clean, and not making a mess all the time

Why is my home so important to me?
Well, my house is the place where I can invite my friends and best friends. Also, my house keeps me safe from bad people. If you lived on the streets then people could hurt you or if you’re trying to collect money so that you can eat every day, then people can steal your money while you’re sleeping. A house can also help you stay safe from natural disasters. For example, If there is a hurricane or tornado around you then you can go hide inside of a room in your house. If there is an incoming tsunami right beside you, then your house can maybe hold up longer and you won’t drown. If there is an earthquake, then you could go put shoes on quickly and run outside safely.

Why do I love my home? Some people say that they don’t like their home because it’s too small. Some people don’t like their home because it’s missing stuff they want. But some people think their house is the perfect size and there is everything they need. I love my house just the way it is. Well, my house could use a little glow up, but it’s fine because it doesn’t matter what your house looks like. I love my house. My house is where I can exercise or do anything I would possibly want to do.

Making memories at home. Now, you’re probably thinking. “You can’t make memories at home. You can make memories at disney world or legoland. But you can’t make memories at home. It’s basically impossible.’’ Well, you’re wrong. Say you are making cupcakes for your mother on mothers day. You bake the cupcakes and after baking them you surprise her with them. She will be happy with them whether they turned out a complete failure, or they turned out just the way you wanted them. Now think about it, mothers day only comes up one time every year. Wouldn’t you want to remember this moment? Wouldn’t you want to remember the smile on your mothers face when you showed her your cupcakes? Now that is just one memory you can make. You can make millions and millions of different memories every single day. Now you’re probably thinking, “Ahhh, this kid is smarter than I thought.” Why thank you sir or mam.

Those are all the reasons why my home is so important to me. I wish everyone could have a home so that they wouldn’t have to worry about living on the streets, but you already know that’s not possible. So stay safe, be kind, and have a great day!