Grade 6


Meaning of Home

Meaning Of Home
By: Sanjana Ganapathiraju age 11 Grade 6

“Home is where your story begins”
– Unknown

When people hear the word “home” they think of something with a roof, four walls, and a bunch of brick and cement but that’s not how I see it…

Before I tell you what I think a home is you need to know what a home means to others to properly understand what I think it is. Home is a universal meaning, people recognize home as a place where you can find happiness, safety, and encouragement.

Home is a place where I eat, sleep and do whatever comes to mind but it is also a place where I am happy, and loved,and appreciated for who I am, home encourages me to try my best. To me, home is where I know I won’t be judged for who I am, it’s a place where I can be “me”.

It doesn’t always how to be a place where the family lives it can also be a place where your loved ones live. A place where one not only feels comfortable, A place they look forward to opportunely live in every day.

“A home is built not by bricks or wood, but with the bond of family.”

Sanjana Ganapathiraju