Grade 5

Nova Scotia

Meaning of Home

The meaning of a home is what you think it is, everyone has a different home, no home is the same. But what home means to me is that your happiness all gathers together when you’re at home, there’s nothing better than going home and hanging out after a long day at school. I live with my mom most of the time but when I’m with my dad it’s special because I don’t really get to see him alot.

My dad still lives with his parents and that’s fine but that means that my bedroom is also a storage room so I live on half and storage lives on the other.
Don’t get me wrong I get the bigger half but still the storage is taking over.

A couple days ago (when you’re reading this it’ll be a couple months ago) My mom and I found our dream house and were already getting ready to sell our house but were re-doing our kitchen so it’s taking a long time. She says if we get the house we can get a dog so that’s awesome we want a labradoodle in chestnut brown I think in honor of my grandads favorite nut he passed away last year in may.

Each weekend I go to my dads and we have this jiffy pop thing that you’re supposed to put on the fire but we put it on the oven. Sometimes I take
these little bowls that my grandparents have and I put a little bit of popcorn in them and give it to them while they watch something.

My room at my moms is awesome, no storage and nothing that’s not mine hopefully one day it’s bigger but that’s besides the point.

I have two parents, a mom and a dad and they’re both awesome. My mom’s house is semi big and semi small. My room is the smaller one of course, it’s pretty small but I make it work. My room at my dads however is huge, his room is way bigger but still huge. Even with the storage, huge.

I hope you liked my writing