Grade 4

Nova Scotia

Meaning of Home

When my teacher told us about the meaning of home essay I knew exactly what I was going to write about.

To me home means family. No matter what we are doing or where we are doing it I love them. Home is about love itself.
My home was built by the shaned family. Back when it was built it was used as a school for their kids. I always have wondered if that is why I like school so much. Do you? All the houses on my street were built by the shaned family. We know because there is horse hair in the walls. My house was built around the time of the Winsier fire. My room was the servants quarters under my bed and floor boards is a staircase that leads into the kitchens closet.

I used to live in Sackville and my family moved when Nora was born. Nora is my little sister. Home is my life to me, home is not whereI live, it is the people I am living with. Home is more than four walls.

My home is happy and I cook supper every two weeks. On my street I have lots of friends to play with. I never get bored, something is always going on. I can play outside. I lived on a dendstreet even before I moved to windsor.

My house has a hill so I don’t need to go somewhere like halabertin to go sledding. It is perfect for any weather. In the summer we can run down it into the springgaler. In the fall it gets so many leaves we get the biggest leaf pile ever.