Grade 5


Meaning of Home

A home means somewhere special to stay. It’s like getting a mother – it’s warm, cozy, and loving. My dad helps me with work that I have to do. On the other hand, my mom likes to do this and do that! So yah, but mostly my mom is watching TV or cleaning.

My family is caring and loving. My grandma and grandpa are the best. They play cards and soccer with me. I also made this card game called 2,500 with my auntie. Every day when I’m at my grandma’s, I play cards. It’s so fun!!!! Also, I get to go over to my grandma’s for a sleepover. When it’s morning, I play on electronics. When it is lunch, I board games. Also, I play soccer at lunch. Once I injured my grandma.

So, it’s the people that make my home special.