Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Home for me is not a big pile of bricks. To me, home is warmth, family, and togetherness.

A house is not a home without hugs, snuggles, and kisses that make me feel the warmth. The feeling of warmth to me is warm apple crisp in the oven waiting to come out for me to eat. It’s the fireplace warming up the family like a big fuzzy blanket. Watching a movie hugs, snuggles and kisses bring warm thoughts to my head. Fireplace or not, I will always have warmth in my family’s hugs and kisses.

When family walks in the door, our home bursts into laughter and barks. Family comes to our home from all over. They are some of the people that make me smile bright. As my family gathers around the oven rolling cookie dough in our hands we sneak a few chocolate chips in our mouths. Singing songs to my baby cousin Martin, we giggle to the words we sing. My family comes and goes but we will always smile together.

Being together is better than being alone. When we watch a movie, Nick, Brynne, dad, and I snuggle. Even though we know Brynne does not like it, we snuggle even more. Sometimes, I’ll be drawing alone but then my dad joins me then Brynne joins me then Nick joins me now I am not alone but I am happy. When we sit at the dinner table together everyone is talking, having fun and showing how we love each other. Having family fun is much better than being alone.

Four Walls is a house, but a home is where warmth, family, and togetherness come in. That’s what makes me feel safe, loved, and secure.