Grade 5


Meaning Of Home

Home to me is a peaceful river, but some people don’t have a good home like I do. Some People don’t even have homes. There just in an endless dark puddle going on and on. Some people think a home is just a house. But no, not at all. A home is life, welcoming, warmth, joy and love. Everybody needs that, me, you, everybody! The poor, the rich, they’re all equal. We need to have different roles to life. You have a role to believe of imaginary things, some people are homeless, but that doesn’t mean they’re sad. Well, maybe but deep down in everybody’s heart there’s always a happy place, and a happy place means home, and that means you. So, share some love to others and all of us will be happy. You might think that this note would be over, and it will say by Conner T, but people really super dooper need your help. Like what I said, give somebody a home. Not like a normal home, a home with love. if you do that, you will feel happiness in your heart and people won’t feel hurt and hate. So, do what I said.