Grade 6


Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home

Home has never been built out of bricks. Home is not something you can find in a hardware store. It’s not even something you can put together with tools. Home is built out of comfort, love and laughter.

Home is a place where I feel comfort. Everywhere I look there are comfy couches and chairs, and toasty blankets just waiting for you to slip inside. I feel comfort when I hear the fire crackling as it engulfs paper and wood, giving me warmth. The kettle boiling hot water protects me from the cold. The smell of baked goods makes me feel as though I’m in heaven. When I’m home, I’m comfortable, warm and toasty.

At home I hear love vibrating around me. When I’m surrounded by those who I love, I’m protected, secure and supported. The second I open the door warm hugs embrace as they ward off the cold. Every crumb of food is made with love and care. The hot chocolate that I drink fills me up with it. Life at home is like a cup overflowing with love.

Home is a place where laughter fills the air. When I do silly, playful things with my sisters that make me laugh, I am home. When we laugh so hard that our stomachs hurt, I am home. When my family and I snuggle up for a funny movie with salty, buttery popcorn we all laugh like hyenas to our cheesy jokes! These moments fill me with joy and reassure me that I am home, wherever I may be.

Habitat for Humanity is building houses for people with low income. These people need the safety and security of four walls. What’s inside the walls is what makes home, home. That is what Habitat for Humanity is offering these people.