Grade 6

New Brunswick

Meaning of home

Home is where you can feel safe. It should be a place where you can express
your feelings. Also another thing is I think that a home is a place where you are with family and friends. It’s where you grow up. Also where you are loved and congratulated for things you do. It’s all home. It’s your roots that weighs you down like a rock from a ballon going up and where you put things you get from the path of life. It’s where you get taught manners for life and jobs school to get friends by getting taught manners. It doesn’t matter the size because a home is a home so you shouldn’t care what other people have .

A home is where you celebrate special accessions. It’s where you recharge yourself like a phone on a cable. It’s where you have family suppers to eat. It’s in a community a neighbourhood where you can go outside to play and be safe. It’s where you find happiness with supportive people constantly being there for when you need them. It’s where you can have pets where you can play video games to always be comfortable you stay there as long as you want till you have to go you don’t constantly have to move because of the price. It’s also where you can grow up to be strong and healthy. To be peaceful relaxed. It’s where you can learn new things.

A home is where you can have laughter. It’s where your loved for who you are. That’s what a home means to me. It’s where you can cherish every moment with family all the memories you collect. It’s where you have fun with siblings where you listen to music and have party’s . That’s all about what home means to me.