Grade 6

Moncton New Brunswick
New Brunswick

Meaning Of Home!

Meaning Of HOME!

Some say…
Home is just a home
But that’s not all…
A home is where everyone is welcome…
Home is where all your little details start, from starting a family
To when you grow old.
Home is where your dad will dance
In front of your friends.
Home is where I feel safe
Somewhere I can get lost in my thoughts
Where I can be myself.
Home is where I can dance like no one is watching.
Home is where laughter
Can keep on going on, and on 24/7..
Home is when you find a picture
That all the little memories,
Come back to your head..
Home isn’t about just having a roof
Over your head
But to be thankful for everything you have!
Home is where you’ll make memories
And cherish them forever
Where you can sing in the shower
As loud as you want.
Where you can fall
Then laugh about it later!
Home is where you can later on start “mini you’s”
Where new generations start.
Home is where you are successful
Where you are appreciated
But little,by little..
Home is where you go at the end of the day
To be with your loved ones!
Home is where you can feel inspired
Home is where you are loved
Forever and always cherished..
Where your grandparents
Can tell you things in there older days
Where they will make some jokes
That sometimes you don’t understand
But it’s still funny…
Home is not about the yummy meals!!
The nice clothes
But coming together as one big family!!

“Home is where the —— Oh,