Grade 6

New Brunswick

Meaning of Home

What home means to me is where you store your emotions because a home is where your family lives and being in that house is like it’s storing your good and bad times. Another meaning of home to me is that it’s freedom and just being in that house is already being yourself. I have another home in the Philippines and just being far away from that home makes me feel sad. That is where I hade longer memories and it made me sad that I had to move away. But the more you start getting used used to being far away from your original home it’s like making you feel like you’ve been away from that house for years. But in reality,you have been there for only 7 months.

If I were to live alone,then I would have been really lonely. I would feel I didn’t have company or someone to talk to about my problems. If I were to solve my own problems without a companion,it would have been very lonely and upsetting.

I consider Canada as my home too even though the Philippines will always be my first home that I lived in. Now that I’m in Canada I’m going to have to start treating Canada like my original home. Even though it’s not as close as it to the Philippines,I’m starting warm up to Canada.

Some people aren’t that lucky to have a home and some do have homes to go to and be grateful for. Some people wish they had a home to go to. This is the world we live in. It doesn’t give you what you want and need. But maybe this essay will help someone have a home too.