Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Home Is heaven to me where I’m loved, it is where I can sleep In my comfy bed, and eat spaghetti and meatballs with some nice warm sauce that’s all over my face. And stay warm because I have a big warm blanket over me. Without a home I would feel scared because I wouldn’t have a roof over my head, and very lonely and frightened because no one would be there to love me and kiss me goodnight. But with a home I can do a lot but I still have to follow rules or else my tablet will get taken away for a couple of days, my parents make the rules to keep me safe and behave. It doesn’t matter what house I live in. I’m just happy to have a home. My house doesn’t have to be big the only thing I need in my house is my family. When I was one year old I got a pom pom stuck up my nose but my parents took me to the doctor and I got It out from my first surgery. But the most Important thing Is that I’m loved by my whole family.