Grade 6

British Columbia

Meaning of Home

The meaning of home to me is spending time with my family. I live with my two little brothers who I would give the world to if I could. I also live with my two moms, I call them mom and mommy. I live in an older house near my cousins. I love my home. It’s nice and it makes me feel comfortable. At the moment I’m renovating my room trying to finish all my broken Lego sets. In school me and the class are reading a book where a kid named Felix who doesn’t have a home and is struggling to put up with his mom, who steals stuff because they are poor but Felix doesn’t like that. Before I started living at my house an older man and his wife lived there. Most of my friends have two homes kind of like me. Sometimes I count my grandma and grandpa’s house as a place I live at because they helped my mom raise me when she had me and I slept over when my mom was pregnant with my two little brothers. What I do at my house is play with my crazy little brothers, play video games, I also do hip hop online for LA Dance Academy and just hang out with my parents when I get the chance. My home is a place where I feel safe and it’s where I can be the person my family knows and loves and not be judged for who the person I chose to be. Home is a place where I can be sad if I need to or be angry and just take out my anger in my room. Home is also a place full of laughter, love and fun. I can also express my feelings in my home if I desire to. Home is not a place but the people with you such as any family and friends.