Grade 6


Meaning of Home

What home means to me.

Home isn’t a place you have stress. It’s not a place to get scared. It’s about the joy you share, the peace you make and the place you can feel safe.

Home is filled with joy and life. It’s playing the most amazing movie with buttery popcorn and cozy blankets, snuggling my Mum and Dad on the couch. It’s kids laughing with happiness and joy. It’s playing board games and Just Dance down stairs in our comfy blanket fort. It’s me and my family outside running in the snow, making snowmen and forts. It’s having the most fun with soft snowballs as it snows and lands on our noses. Being with my family gives me joy.

I feel peaceful when I’m at home. It’s the sweet, soft music playing ever so quietly towards my ear. It’s the music moving my feet into a waltz like a princess. It’s when I’m in bed looking out my window, up at the beautiful stars. When I feel peace, I know I’m home.

Home is my shelter. It’s when you’re waiting for the storm to pass. It’s when my Mum gives me comfort on a scary windy day. It’s when I’m insecure but my friends reassure me and encourage me. It wouldn’t be a home if you didn’t feel safe.

Home is a place you can be carefree. A place to have fun. Everyone needs a home, a place you feel understood. Some people can’t have the comfort of a nice home but all they need is joy, peace and safety.