Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Home is somewhere where I feel safe and comforted. Also Its the only place that I can actually express my feelings. Home is where I can be myself and know I’m always being loved. When I come home I feel relaxed and calm.

I love when my mom makes chicken burgers they are so delicious! It’s sad to think that everybody doesn’t have a home. Home is where family gathers and you meet for special holidays.Home is where I learn to become a better version of me. Home is where you are cared for and loved unconditionally. Home is where you celebrate your wins and learn from your losses and it is where you learn how to work hard and do your part. Home is where you can sit down and reflected on what you have done. I also laugh the hardest at home. Home is where I can just chill. At home you will always be welcome no matter if you’re happy or sad you will be safe and loved. Home is a place to make memories.