Grade 6

British Columbia

Meaning of Home

To me Home means wherever my family is and if that means I live in a cabin or a Van then that is what I have to do. They are what make a home a home. I wouldn’t consider a house a home if my family wasn’t there to just be them. I really like our house because one my family is there and two I can just be myself. I can talk with my family about anything, I can read a book in my room, I can play video games etc.. I just think everyone should have a place of security where they feel themselves. My place of security is my home. With my family. I think a home also has to have something that makes you feel warm inside like something from your parents or a couch that you have had for years.
When you buy a house you automatically think it is a home but to make it a home it needs to be cozy and you (that sounds weird but let me explain). Do you know the saying ‘You Do You’? I think a home needs you to do you! If that means hanging posters all over the walls then ‘You Do You’, if that means you putting rainbow couches in your kitchen (that would be funny but) ‘You Do You’! I personally would not put a rainbow couch in my kitchen but I mean if you are interested in rainbow couches and couches in your kitchen then go for it! I think that a home should also be unique in a way that only your home could be unique. For example the rainbow couch! That’s pretty unique! Or a selfie of you and your best friend that only you and them would have. So in a way that picture would be unique. I have a couple of selfies of me and my friends that they don’t even have.
That’s what I think a home is!