Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Home to me is where love and memories are made and cherish. Where laughter is made. When feeling down I have a home. A home is not a place to mope. Home is a place where dreams are made, and where your loved the most. Home is where you can express your inner self. When people don’t have a home,I think of how grateful I’m in my home. a Home is not a building it’s a lot more. Home is where your family is there to comfort you the most. It’s where friends and family reunite. When in my bed I’m off to sleep, but when I think when people are on the streets, sleeping on the cold hard concrete I’m torn apart into pieces. When eating on the dinner table with dad’s dad jokes we all laugh. It’s where we learn to walk, talk and have the most fun. My home is a place where I’m far away from all storms. My home is where my family and friends are never apart.