Grade 5


Meaning of home

Home to me is nice. Home is where I’m loved and cared for and warm. Home is where I feel safe and protected. Some people don’t have homes. The people who have that are grateful. Home is where I’m comfy also I can have fun. When I come home from school or anywhere, I always come home with a smile and hug my mom and I play board games with her. When i’m at home I’m comfortable. When I’m at home I can do thing like play games. I can sleep in my bed also I can watch tv. When I’m at home I mostly play with my brother. it’s sad that people don’t have what most people have the people that have one are lucky. Some people help people that don’t have homes people that don’t have a home people donate thing like toys for kids pillows blankets. There are people in busy places. Some people see people that don’t have homes so they will give them money so they can by food and water. if I did not have home I would not feel safe loved cared protected by my family and I couldn’t play games or have fun. People with no home means they can’t pay for the bills or don’t have enuf money to buy one. Home where I can eat food drink water have fresh foods. Home is where you can sleep in peace Also without someone robbing you. People that don’t have home’s go to a place called a homeless shelter what means they have a room like, a hotel and they get food water beds bathrooms bathtubs showers. But some people that don’t have homes they don’t go to a shelter.