Ireland Story

Grade 5


Meaning Of Home

Houses are not homes – homes are so much more than houses. The difference between a house and a home is that houses are built out of bricks, wood and concrete and homes are built out of love, hope and trust. My home is where I can love and be loved. But homes aren’t always glorious. We have fights but we forgive each other.

My home is special because I have a place to be myself, silly and serious, happy and sad whatever I feel like I can show it however and whenever. I am grateful that I get to go on vacations and have a home. I went to mexico and saw people where their house was not even a house it was a piece of cardboard or wood.

Home is a place where I have food like pad thai spaghetti squash with peanuts and chicken and a stream of sauce flowing down my cheeks. Thanksgiving, Christmas roasted turkey and ham.

A warm place to sleep is valuable to me because I love sleeping in (except for school days) and snuggling with my cats, Frankie and Shila. Sometimes they can be annoying and wake me up in the middle of the night or too early kind of like an alarm clock.

Having a bath is important to me because it’s fun. What’s better than having a bath bomb and mint shampoo and coconut conditioner and a fluffy loofah and a warm towel after?