Grade 5


Meaning of Home

For some people, home may be a building or a structure. But to me home is not. To me home is life, love and comfort. It will never just be four walls.

I feel life within my home. There is life in family’s hugs. They fill me with energy and love. There is life in the crackling fire. It’s warmth, movement and sparks ignite life in me. My sister is smaller but getting much taller. When I say goodnight to her she says “ I love you Ben”. This is life and the moments at home.

I feel love and warmth inside my favorite home. I feel happy because my family is here. Love is having family around. Love is when I play with my dog. Cozy is hugging my little sister. Love is having a home to share with my family. We all feel happiness and comfort around the crackling fire, watching a movie. I feel warm and cozy when there is love at home.

Comfort is family game night to me. We play family game night to finish the week. We decide to either play board games or have our parents try and play video games with my sister and I. I feel comfort in my mother’s arms. I feel comfort hanging out with my dad. I feel comfort having family game night on Fridays. Sometimes we watch a movie downstairs by the warm sizzling fire. In this place, in this home, I feel comforted.

Life may be easy at home for some, but to others it’s not. Habitat for Humanity is an amazing organization that allows someone to help build their home to make it more affordable. Soon I hope others will experience the magic of home too.